Denver Chalk Art Festival - Chalk

Denver Chalk Art Festival…Pre Rain

Beautiful Chalk Art – Larimer Square

The Chalk Art Festival is definitely something to check out in Denver each summer. Grab brunch at one of Larimer Square’s many awesome eateries and then walk the lines of artists sponsored by Denver businesses.

Other than for the few paid artists their location on the square is a lottery, with many of the artists having been located all over the block through out the years. Some of them are real troopers on the asphalt. The artists who seemed to get the most vibrant color and solid coverage were those crushing up the chalks and adding water to make a paste they were painting on. However some artists feel they get better depth drawing and spearing the color in with the chalk and their hands.

Before the insane Saturday afternoon rain came these awesome artists were working away as the clouds loomed. Absolutely loved some of these art pieces and was so sad to hear that due to the rules of the competition if the rain came they were not allowed to cover their artwork in anyway. Artists returned on Sunday to redo their pieces before judging, which I’m sure was no small feat. I was so glad to have captured their beginnings or first go around on Saturday.


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